Results of The Akita Association Championship Show
October 2018


Dogs - Brian Hindley
Bitches - Gary Lewthwaite
Referee - June Connor

Dog CC & Best in Show
It Ch/Ch Redwitch Where's theres a Will
owned by Mr M Neiro

Bitch CC & Reserve Best in Show
Jeamaras Norwegian Skyline at Sensha [Imp]
owned by N & D Willy

Best Puppy in Show
Whitewreath From the Ashes
owned by Charlie Iason

Best Veteran in Show
Stecal's Atomic Storm at Kandamar
owned by Mary Chambers

Class Results

Class 1: Minor puppy dog 1st Travistock Carbon Fut Print of Whitewreath         BPD
  2nd Satrebor Texas with Allarone

3rd Casakura Joseph Parker with Rominjay
Class 2: Puppy Dog 1st Redwitch In the Fast Lane

2nd Redwitch Pole Position at Krissiente
Class 3: Junior Dog
No entries
Class 4: Yearling Dog
No entries
 Class 4: Novice Dog
No entries
 Class 4: Post Graduate Dog
1st Casakura Joseph Parker with Rominjay
Class 7: Limit Dog 1st Triumf Sibiri Nou-hau [imp]
Class 8: Open Dog 1st Fr Ch Meihos Bulletproof at Snowbeach               
  2nd Nor Ch Vivalottara Killer Bronx [AV02029RUS]                         
  3rd Finkime Ready Teddy Go

4th Barannod Ballyshannon Boy
 Class 9: Veteran Dog
 No entries
Class 10: Champion Dog
1st It Ch/Ch Redwitch Where There's a Will              Dog CC

2nd Ir Ch Melodor All Hell Broke Loose                     Res CC
 Class 11: Minor Puppy Bitch
1st  Whitewreath From the Ashes                             BPIS
  2nd Satrebor Nevada at Shaluna

3rd Tikasa's Storm Siren for Rominjay
  Class 12: Puppy Bitch
1st Worthysway Lady in Red
  2nd Chieko word for the Wise
Class 13: Junior Bitch
1st Trademark for Me De Wolfmont at Finkime

2nd Satrebor Arizone at Fricarrie
Class 14: Yearling Bitch
1st Trademark for Me De Wolfmont at Finkime
 Class 15: Novice Bitch No entries
 Class 16:Post Graduate Bitch
1st Ryusui's Make Believe
Class 16: Limit Bitch 2nd Blackgronix Cariad with Satrebor
  3rd Tikasa's Storm Siren for Rominjay
Class 17: Limit Bitch 1st Jeamaras Norwegian Skyline at Sensha [imp]        Bitch CC
  2nd Mamoru Age of Ultron with Ruthdales at Kandamar
  3rd Harivo Lola's a Showgirl

4th Redwitch Golden Ticket at Krissiente JW ShCM
  VHC Hachibi Willing to Dream
Class 18: Open Bitch 1st Geilsaven Love and Kisses

2nd Calicelesti Reign of Gold ShCM
Class 19: Veteran Bitch
1st Stecal's Atomic Storm at Kandamar                                 BVIS

2nd Redwitch Dream Come True at Krissiente JW SchCM
Class 19: Champion Bitch
1st Redwitch Let the Games Begin                                         Res CC







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